Global Energy & Environment Foundation (GEEF) is a not-for-profit organisation, focusing innovative, technology and networking opportunities for the benefit of industries and individuals globally. GEEF support leaders to sustainable transformation to deliver performance improvements and benefits for their key stakeholders. GEEF provide organisations and individuals to examine where they are and to help put a spotlight on where action is required. By becoming a successful partner to organisations around the global. GEEF will work towards bringing governmental, industry, academic and research institutions from across the world on a single platform to address the issues related to energy & environment industry and provide a forum where participants from the globe showcase their achievements and voice their views and thoughts. Create Knowledge Transfer Networks and also distribute publications for various target groups to support the dissemination of information related to clean and green technologies. GEEF advise and give feedback to governments, international agencies and organizations on energy and environment policies, safe practices for their implementation and sustainability worldwide. We stand to welcome associations, collaborations and partnerships to make united effort to ensure that we leave behind a greener planet for our future generation.

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